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Sometimes, visiting a new church can be intimidating. All these people you don’t know, an unfamiliar order of service, having to juggle kids and hymnbooks and Bibles, etc. etc. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! If you want to know what to expect when visiting our church, then this page is for you.

Our Location and Service Times

So, here’s the important stuff to know.

  • Location: We currently share a facility with Calvary Midtown, located at 3618 E. Pima Street in midtown Tucson.
  • Time: Prayer meeting at 10:00am, worship service at 10:45am. Calvary Chapel’s service is before ours, so if you arrive early, please be conscientious toward them.

Preparing For Your Visit

The Lord’s Day is a precious time of fellowship with other believers as we praise our God for the salvation he has provided for us through Jesus Christ our Lord. It is a day of rest given to us by God, designed to give us spiritual refreshment as we abstain from our worldly activities and delight ourselves in the Lord.

To prepare your heart for this experience, it is good to read some Scripture and pray the night before, and to get a good night’s rest. By preparing in this small way, you will be more equipped and ready to receive what the Lord has for you the next morning.

What to Do When You Arrive

So, you’ve made it to our church. Welcome! We are glad you’re here. As you enter, you’ll notice a welcome table on your right with an assortment of items for you, including our weekly bulletin with the order of service, offering envelopes (please don’t feel compelled to give if it’s only your first time!), and Bibles to use or keep if you need one. Usually there are donuts and coffee on a table toward the back of the foyer, so please feel free to avail yourself of those.

Once you enter the sanctuary, you’ll need a hymnbook and a psalter. These are located on the table at the rear. Wait, you mean I need two songbooks in addition to my Bible? This is complicated! I don’t have enough hands! Don’t worry, just grab them for now, and we’ll explain when to use them during the service. It can feel like a lot all at once, but trust us, it all makes sense.

You and your family are free to sit wherever you like. If you happen to sit in a place normally occupied by one of our regulars, don’t worry, they will be more than willing to sit somewhere else for a change. 🙂

During the Service

Our order of service is quite different from most evangelical churches. We intersperse singing with readings from God’s Word, prayers, a confession of faith, and giving. Our pastor preaches expository sermons from the Bible, explaining Scripture with Scripture. Your bulletin will be very helpful to you in knowing where we are during the service, while the insert provides the words to say when we pray together and affirm our faith together using a creed or catechism. Whoever is upfront will make sure to let you know what’s happening when, so no need to worry about getting lost.

Children are invited to stay during the entire service. There is even a special portion of our service before the sermon dedicated to teaching the kids. Don’t worry about rambunctious little ones; Jesus welcomed the little children, and so do we. After the kid’s lesson, preschoolers and kindergarteners have a class that they may go to if desired.

Worship as God Intends

We hope that as you worship with us, you will let the truths of Scripture permeate your mind and heart, reflecting on what is read, sung, and spoken. Every part of our service is designed to take our thoughts away from ourselves and lift them up to God, who is worthy of all praise and adoration. If a song is unfamiliar to you, feel free to listen for a verse or two until you can sing the melody, reading and meditating on the words as you do so. The Word is designed to form and shape us more and more into the image of Christ, as Paul exhorts us in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

Our worship may be imperfect this side of glory; the people of AVBC are too! But as we seek God’s glory each and every day, look to him for our daily spiritual sustenance, and rely on him to get us through each and every situation, we are made more and more like Christ. And the church becomes more and more a picture of what life will be like in heaven, as we glorify God and enjoy him forever and ever. So consider, then, what we do in church as a little taste of heaven. We hope you will join us!

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